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Quality Property Data That Yields Results. The ProFlipList Real Property Data Portal Provide's Real Estate Investors With The Most Up To Date Mortgage & Property Owner Data For Marketing Purposes. If You Are Looking For Owner Occupied, In Or Out Of State Absentee Owners With High/Low Equity, Upside Down, Free & Clear Properties You Are In The Right Place!

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Our property database has the most accurate Absentee Ownerin or out of state, or even owner occupied High & Low Equity, Free & Clear, Upside Down, Mortgage REFI data available. Thats why our motto is "No Need To Skip Trace Our Lists." All our lists come with the most up to date owner + phone + verified property data. As a real estate investor you have no time to run around writing down addresses of properties, paying extra money to skip trace a list, and so many other time & money wasters. GET a targeted list of property owner data in any market.

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The real estate industry is fierce and the competition is steep, this is why it's important to have systems in place that will help you save money, time and man power. Direct Mail & Telemarketing Campaings have always been an effective tool in marketing to prospects.

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Our team of lists building experts will build your list for you based on the criteria you provide on the order form. With your list criteria in play, our team will begin to run combinations of counts that will result in the most effective outcome for you. Details included in your list are as follows: Owner Name + Phone + Mailing Address+ Subject Property Address + Loan To Value + Last Sale Price. Ready to have one of our real estate data experts run your count and pull your list for you? Click To Button Below To Get Started!

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The PROFLIPLIST List Portal is an online database that provides 24/7 access to millions of equity based real estate prospects to grow business.

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PROFLIPLIST data is backed by a 95% accuracy guarantee.
In the unlikely event that our data does not meet this guarantee,
we will send over more data until the conditions of our guarantee are met.